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I grew up in Victoria BC, and started taking photographs for my high school yearbook (free film and developing, those were the days). During the work week, I was a mild-mannered bank teller, by weekend I wandered around Vancouver Island with my camera. I started taking pictures of food when I wanted to share my creations after they had been consumed.

I moved down, and then back up, the West Coast of North America, always with a camera close at hand. In California, I worked as a portrait photographer, framer and banker until I moved back to the Lower Mainland just in time for my son to be born.

Finally, a captivating model, my boy had no choice about being the focus of my lens! Once he tired of that, I moved up a step in the financial world and worked at local Credit Unions while pursuing my Public Relations Certificate at  BCIT. I wanted to use the knowledge gained to help small local businesses to harness the power of social networks to grow their customer base and increase the loyalty and engagement of their clients.

I’ve continue to hone my photography and Social Media skills and have been dabbling in live theatre through Improvisation and local plays. I hope to share the insight and transformation that I have enjoyed by being part of these worlds.


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